What a Tanker - Black/Pink

IMG E1134
IMG E1134


This bag measures approximately 8”x 6” (20cm x 15cm) when flat.
It will hold over 200 standard six sided dice.
This bag is fully customisable, please see the Bespoke Embroidery page.
Please allow 10 to 14 working days for manufacture and dispatch.


  • Measures approximately 8" x 6" (20cm x 15cm) when flat
  • Holds over 200 standard six sided dice
  • Fully customisable - see the Bespoke Embroidery Page
  • Allow 10 - 14 working days for manufacture and dispatch

All bags are made from scratch.  A piece of 100% cotton twill is machine embroidered and is then assembled into the quality product you see here.  The bags are lined, usually with a satin type fabric and finished off with a 4mm polyester cord.

Have you got an idea for a bag?  Would you like to add your name or club to one of these bags?  Check out the Bespoke Embroidery Page and contact me.