About Me

Hello, I’m Debs, normally to be found attached to an embroidery machine. I’m married to Matt of Glenbrook Games Painting Service. I guess the dice/gaming bag idea originated from Matt and I created a few bags for his stand to add colour and encourage customers to check out the painting service. From there I purchased an embroidery machine to produce more individual designs.

What I hadn’t anticipated was how well it was received and about a year later invested in a much larger industrial machine.  I have always enjoyed computers and arty crafty stuff so this new project tied both together.  Once all this was ticking over and having worked in an office for most of my working life (#cough too long to worry about that now…..) I had the opportunity to stop the hamster wheel from turning and jump off.  One of my better decisions.

Saddle-Goose Designs 

“Saddle-Goose” came from an old English name for a “fool” which I thought was appropriate!  So there it is and thanks to the talented Martin Whitmore, the goose has started taking on his own identity. The goose has a few plans of his own but watch this space…..!

I have been fortunate to work with a number of great businesses, including TooFatLardies. The Pie and Pint logo was one of my first embroideries with and without names, quotes etc and I am very pleased to announce that I am now able to produce official TooFatLardies merchandise in the form of polo shirts, hoodies etc. 

Along with official merchandise, I have also had fun with kickstarters, club/group clothing and bags and the following are just some of the lovely people, businesses and groups I have  worked with: 

Clothing for clubs also include:

Club bags:

Apologies if I have missed anyone, if I have please get in touch.